Diowave 30 watt laser in Fort Myers FL

The closest thing to a magic wand currently available in medicine is the class 4 laser. At the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, pioneers like Anatoly Shekhter have used high powered lasers to promote spine disc and joint cartilage regeneration through angiogenesis. Laser radiation is a hard concept for many patients to understand but when you consider that light from the sun can cause a chemical reaction in the body to produce Vitamin D it is easier to understand how laser can have a profound effect on regeneration and chemical modulation in the human system.

Here in the United States high powered class 4 lasers produce these regenerative outcomes. Our Diowave 30 Watt Laser System is the most powerful laser available in the medical marketplace today and it is our prime tool at Straight to Health Pain Solutions for treating pain. Most lasers are not powerful enough and very few if any photons get to the damaged area.

Clinically we have tested many lasers over the years and found that only high powered devices like the Diowave 30 Watt have the potential to actually affect the tissue in a measurable way. Our average treatment dose is approximately 30,000 joules which we can administered in 1000 seconds or about 17 minutes with a 30 watt laser (30 joules per second x 1000 seconds = 30K joules). It would take a normal 3 Watt laser, found in most clinics, over 2 1/2 hours to complete the same treatment.


Chromophores are components of molecules which absorb light. The stimulation of chromophores on mitochondrial membranes incites the production of ATP. Leading to a biological cascade of events.  Increased Growth factor response within cells and tissue as a  result of increased ATP and protein synthesis. Accelerated cell reproduction and growth leading to faster repair of damaged tissues. Increased metabolic activity- via increase in enzyme outputs, oxygen and nutrient availability. 

Laser irradiation has been shown to enhance the production of stem cells. (It is most conceivable that this mechanism of action is  how laser therapy actually accelerates tissue regeneration.)


  • Faster Wound Healing: Laser significantly increases fibroblast and collagen production which are essential for tissue repair.
  • Improved Vascular Activity: Increased capillary production leads to faster wound closure.
  • Greater Tensile Strength: Surgical repaired wounds heal with greater tensile strength, including skin, tendon, ligament and fascia.
  • Scar Tissue Reduction: Wounds heal with less scar tissue formation.


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