Chiropractic Testimonials

"Awesome office and staff. Not your typical doctors office."

"Great doctor! Great office! Very caring and knowledgeable! Got me feeling better, and beyond happy with this office!"

"Truly astounding chiropractor. She is knowledgeable and explained what's going on with me. I'm already better and getting back to normal."

"With all the stress of being in a wreck, I knew the care I received in this office would be consistent and above and beyond what other doctors in the area can provide. I was put back together again in no time."

"I've never been to a chiropractor before, therefore, never had an adjustment. From the first time until the last, she has made me feel very comfortable, relaxed and she was very professional. I was welcomed with a smile and a very friendly personality. After our session, I knew I would return and that she would be the chiropractor that I'd trust."

"I feel so blessed that I found Dr. Zappile after my car accident last year. She made me feel so comfortable and I was amazed at how organized and thorough she was with my exam and treatment. I never felt rushed or that she didn't have time for me. It actually felt like family once I got to know her and all the staff. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family and to anyone who has ever been in a car accident!!"

"Very knowledgeable...enthusiastic...wonderful patient care and the staff is fun to be around! I feel much better since my accident. I just wanted to thank them all by leaving a comment...they have irrefutable team synergy!! Thanks again."

"I called this office as a result of my auto accident. From the moment you walk in the door you feel welcomed by the staff. The doctor is conservative and will get xrays and notes from other doctors you have seen and go over them with you the next time. You won't get an adjustment until she looks at the xrays. I got great care from the doctor and office staff and would return if I need them in the future."


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